Abdullahi Ibrahim Takes Aim at Current Administration

In a recent interview on ARISE TV’s “Prime Time” program, Abdullahi Ibrahim, a prominent northern politician and leader of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), criticized the current Bola Tinubu administration, drawing comparisons to the previous regime. Amid the escalating cost of living and economic hardships faced by Nigerians, Abdullahi claimed that citizens are now reminiscing about the past despite the alleged failures of the Buhari government during its eight-year rule.

According to Abdullahi, the current administration inherited an exceedingly challenging situation from the Buhari era, leading people to be hopeful for positive change. However, as events unfolded, citizens are now starting to long for the previous regime, a sentiment he deemed “tragic and regrettable.”

He further stated that despite the perceived shortcomings of the Buhari government, people initially gave the current administration the benefit of the doubt. “Don’t forget, this government inherited one of the worst situations in human history, namely the eight years under President Muhammadu Buhari,” Yet, the harsh economic realities faced by Nigerians under the present leadership have led to a yearning for the previous regime, even with its alleged shortcomings.

The interview sheds light on the prevailing sentiment in the country regarding the socio-economic challenges faced under the current administration and the complexities of evaluating past and present governments’ performance.

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