Adeleke Urges Enhanced Service Delivery and Unity at Osun State Executive Council Meeting

Governor Ademola Adeleke, presiding over the inaugural Executive Council meeting of the Osun State Government, has called on members to intensify their efforts in delivering excellent service to the people.

The Council conducted a comprehensive review of the state government’s activities over the past year. Governor Adeleke, during his address at the meeting, emphasized the significance of the year 2024 in achieving the administration’s developmental agenda across all sectors of the state economy.

In a statement, Governor Adeleke informed council members about the establishment of a discreet monitoring and evaluation team. This team is assigned the responsibility of preparing quarterly performance assessment reports for ministries and agencies under the state government.

Governor Adeleke further underscored the importance of unity and seamless working relationships between agencies and ministries within the state government. He highlighted these aspects as crucial to realizing the administration’s objectives for the year.

Additionally, the council approved the appointment of six new traditional rulers, along with the elevation of 11 existing traditional rulers to part II (recognized) status of the Chief Law, Cap 25, Laws of Osun State, 2002.

Governor Adeleke’s directives and initiatives reflect a commitment to efficient governance, accountability, and collaboration to advance the development goals of Osun State.

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