Aisha Yesufu, Criticizes APC for Electing Abdullahi Ganduje as National Chairman

The ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) faced criticism from activist and co-convener of the #Bring Back Our Girls group, Aisha Yesufu, for electing former Kano State Governor, Abdullahi Ganduje, as its National Chairman.

Ganduje, who still has a pending case concerning allegations of bribery after being captured on video allegedly accepting and pocketing wads of dollar notes, was elected as the party’s National Chairman by the National Working Committee (NEC) of the APC on Thursday in Abuja.

In response to the choice of Ganduje as the chairman, Aisha Yesufu expressed her disapproval in a tweet on Friday, denouncing the party’s decision to reward him despite the pending criminal allegations. She asserted that the former Kano governor, who should potentially be facing imprisonment, is instead being celebrated and promoted within the party.

Yesufu criticized the APC, stating that the party’s actions demonstrate a pattern of encouraging, nurturing, and rewarding criminality rather than holding offenders accountable.

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