Armed Gang Targets Ogun Mosque, Abducts Imam and Businessman

In a recent incident, an eight-member kidnapping gang stormed a mosque in the Lufuape area, near Sagamu Interchange, Ogun State, during Friday night prayers. The victims were identified as Murithador Sadullahi Akanho Olamide, the Imam of Muhadul-iftai-wa-sadah Institute of Arabic and Islamic Studies, and Olayemi Arasi, the Chief Executive Officer of Hollarams Technical Services Ltd.

Sources revealed that the hoodlums, suspected to be foreigners with possible local collaboration, targeted the cleric but seized the opportunity to abduct the businessman as well. After spending three days in captivity, both victims were released following the payment of a ransom by their families.

Expressing concern over the increasing frequency of kidnappings in the area, a family source emphasized the need for decisive government action to prevent further abductions, citing potential negative impacts on investor confidence.

Omolola Odutola, the spokesperson for the Ogun State Police Command, confirmed the incident. Although unaware of specific ransom details, she assured the public of ongoing efforts to track down the kidnappers. Odutola highlighted the police commitment to addressing criminal activities and urged collaboration to ensure the safety of citizens.

When questioned about the steps taken to apprehend the perpetrators, Odutola stated, “The command is aware, and no Commissioner of Police would tolerate such incidents. We are always prepared to track down kidnappers, and we have been consistently doing so. When discussing individuals from Niger and (of) Fulani (extraction), the police do not make discriminatory statements. Our primary concern is apprehending those responsible for criminal acts.”

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