Coalition Criticizes Tinubu’s Ministerial Nomination Process

The Alliance for Deepening Democracy (A4DD) has strongly rebuked President Bola Tinubu for alleged lack of inclusiveness in the nomination of ministers. The coalition expressed deep concerns regarding the process of nomination and appointment of ministers, accusing the President of marginalizing crucial sectors of society in his selection of prospective ministers. The A4DD described the confirmation hearings at the Senate as a mockery of the process meant to assess the suitability of the nominees.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, the coalition, consisting of various organizations working collaboratively to strengthen democracy in Nigeria, pointed out the apparent gender disparity in the ministerial list. With women representing about half of the population, the A4DD criticized the fact that only about 25 percent of the 28 nominees submitted to the Senate for screening are women, with no representation of persons with disabilities, despite them making up approximately 15 percent of the country’s population.

The Alliance emphasized that President Tinubu’s failure to adhere to the National Gender Policy, which advocates a minimum of 35 percent of positions reserved for women, is unacceptable and displays a disregard for the rule of law, fairness, justice, and equity.

The A4DD called on President Tinubu to seize the opportunity presented by the appointment of ministers to address gender discrimination and inequity in the government. They urged him to ensure that a significant percentage, if not all, of the remaining ministerial nominees are women and persons with disabilities.

The coalition also criticized the practice of submitting names of prospective ministers to the Senate without indicating their portfolios, asserting that this approach hampers the assessment of their competence and qualifications for the positions they will eventually occupy. They argued that the current system appears to prioritize political loyalty over competence and capability, which has detrimental effects on effective governance.

The Alliance expressed dismay at the ongoing confirmation hearings in the Senate, where nominees are reportedly allowed to “take a bow” without substantial scrutiny or questioning, raising concerns about the Senate’s diligence in fulfilling its constitutional function of screening nominees.

In conclusion, the A4DD called on both President Tinubu and the Senate to urgently reform the ministerial nomination, vetting, and appointment process to address the identified shortcomings and ensure a more inclusive and competent government for the benefit of the nation.

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