DELIVIT: Revolutionizing Nigerian Logistics with Innovative Last-Mile Solutions

In the bustling startup scene of Nigeria, DELIVIT has emerged as a pioneering force reshaping the logistics sector with its innovative last-mile delivery solutions. The Nigerian startup caters to a wide spectrum of clientele, ranging from businesses, consumers, e-commerce platforms to other logistics companies.

DELIVIT’s commitment to revolutionizing the logistics sector is evident in their fast, reliable, and efficient last-mile delivery services offered at competitive rates. With a dedicated team composed of People Relationship Officers and Fleet Operators, the startup ensures that packages are handled with utmost care and efficiency, guaranteeing timely deliveries to their final destinations.

Whether it’s a local business seeking seamless services, an e-commerce platform striving for optimized distribution, or an individual shopper in need of secure and swift deliveries, DELIVIT Limited stands as the ideal partner.

Vision: “To disrupt the logistics industry in Africa by providing fast, reliable and exceptional last-mile delivery solutions that exceed customer expectations.”

Mission: “To provide innovative last-mile delivery solutions that connect businesses, consumers, and e-commerce platforms with the products they need, while delivering exceptional service, value, and convenience.”

Values: DELIVIT operates on a set of core values that include Excellence, Customer-Centricity, Efficiency, Accountability, Reliability, and Integrity.

Reaching DELIVIT is straightforward through calls or WhatsApp:

  • Contact: 08076657135, 08077059623

Staying connected is just a click away on their social media platforms:

For aspiring entrepreneurs looking to make their mark in Nigeria, DELIVIT’s advice is grounded in due diligence. Comprehensive market research and staying updated on technological tools are key, along with an unwavering focus on customer needs and satisfaction.

Despite the challenges posed by business and Nigeria’s environment, DELIVIT’s founder finds solace in spending quality time with family and loved ones, traveling, and exploring the wonders of nature. These moments reinforce the belief that even in the face of challenges, a sense of purpose and support can guide one forward.

As DELIVIT continues to innovate and redefine the logistics landscape, its commitment to customer-centricity and excellence remains at the forefront, setting a precedent for the industry.

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