Joshua Ojo Opens Up About Near-Amputation Accident While Filming Wole Soyinka Biopic: “My Leg Was Almost Amputated”

Joshua Ojo, the producer behind the highly anticipated biopic on Wole Soyinka, has revealed the harrowing incident he faced during filming, which nearly derailed the entire project. Just moments away from the film set, Ojo encountered a severe accident that left him hospitalized for months and forced a hiatus on production.

In an exclusive interview with, Ojo shared the challenges and triumphs of bringing the life of the first African Nobel Laureate to the big screen, a venture that demanded significant financial investment.

Ojo, initially known for his acting before transitioning into directing, gained widespread attention after a teaser featuring Lateef Adedimeji in the role of Wole Soyinka went viral. Fans have eagerly awaited the release of the cinema adaptation.

Speaking about his collaboration with Adedimeji, Ojo praised the actor’s versatility and their long-standing professional relationship, which dates back to their days working on stage projects during Adedimeji’s university years.

“Lateef is a phenomenal actor. His ability to deeply embody roles has earned him acclaim, making him one of the most special and thoughtful actors I’ve had the privilege to work with,” Ojo remarked.

The biopic not only showcases Soyinka’s life but also underscores the resilience and dedication of its producer, Joshua Ojo, whose passion for storytelling persevered despite the setbacks.

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