Kogi State Police Command Takes Firm Stand Against Vehicle Misuse, Prohibits Covered Number Plates and Sirens to Ensure Public Safety

The Kogi State Police Command has reinforced the prohibition on the use of covered number plates, sirens, and revolving lights by unauthorized vehicles throughout the state. This renewed directive aims to address security threats posed by individuals who exploit such privileges to engage in criminal activities.

In a statement released on Thursday, the Police Public Relations Officer, SP William Ovye Aya, quoted the Kogi State Commissioner of Police, Akeem Yusuf, as emphasizing the necessity of this order. The intelligence gathered indicates that some criminals exploit the concealment provided by covered number plates to carry out illicit acts, which pose significant risks to the security of the state.

Aya also revealed that covering vehicle number plates constitutes a direct violation of the road traffic Act and other relevant laws. This practice has not only contributed to an increase in criminal activities but has also created an atmosphere of lawlessness, making it difficult to identify and apprehend perpetrators of crime.

“The situation has become an impediment in the efforts to combat crime and ensure public safety in the state,” stated the spokesperson.

The Commissioner of Police issued a stern warning to the general public, urging strict compliance with this order. Following a grace period of two weeks from the date of the statement, which is Thursday, May 25th, 2023, the Police in the state will commence a clampdown and impoundment of vehicles found in violation, with subsequent prosecution of offenders.

The two-week grace period is intended to provide vehicle owners ample time to register their vehicles, remove any covering on the number plates, and replace defaced or illegible plates in adherence to the law.

The statement reiterated the commitment of the Kogi State Police Command to maintain a robust working relationship with other security agencies in the state. This collaboration aims to ensure the safety of lives and property, as well as the effective enforcement of law and order.

With this renewed ban on covered number plates, sirens, and revolving lights, the Kogi State Police Command is taking decisive action to curtail criminal activities and restore a sense of security and order across the state. It is crucial for all residents and vehicle owners to adhere to this directive in the interest of public safety.

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