Local Government Fund Diversion Allegations , Governor Abiodun Challenges Accuser

The impeached Chairman of Ijebu East Local Government in Ogun State, Wale Adedayo, may face additional challenges regarding his allegations of local government fund diversion against Ogun State Governor, Dapo Abiodun.

In recent developments, Governor Abiodun asserted that Adedayo had made false accusations against him and would need to substantiate his claims. During a meeting with leaders of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ijebu East Local Government, the governor emphasized that Adedayo not only falsely accused him in his capacity as governor but also as Dapo Abiodun, a private individual.

Advocating for greater discipline within the party, Governor Abiodun stated, “There are two things; he lied against me as the governor, he lied against me as Dapo Abiodun, he spoilt my name, and he tried to incite the public against the government. Wale Adedayo has to answer all these allegations one after the other.”

The governor stressed the importance of accountability for one’s statements and actions. He emphasized that individuals should be held responsible for what they say to discourage hasty actions and false accusations.

Governor Abiodun challenged Adedayo to provide evidence to support his claims. He stated, “He said he is committed to what he has said. He has to go and prove and show that I, Dapo Abiodun, Governor of Ogun State, diverted public funds. He has to go and prove that.”

Furthermore, Governor Abiodun defended his record regarding local government funds, explaining that these funds are directly deposited into local government accounts. He detailed the allocation of these funds, including payments for health workers, teachers, local government staff, and traditional rulers, while also mentioning the provision of security votes. He denied any involvement in diverting local government funds.

In light of these developments, it appears that Governor Abiodun is prepared to challenge the allegations and demand accountability from Adedayo.

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