MyFoodAngels, Revolutionizing Food Logistics in Africa through Tech Innovation

In an exclusive interview, Olapeju Umah, a dedicated Women Entrepreneur Advocate, shared her journey and passion for addressing poverty and enhancing the well-being of communities across Africa. Through her brainchild, MyFoodAngels, Olapeju Umah has set out to revolutionize the food industry and create a more sustainable and connected future for food producers and consumers.

Olapeju Umah introduced herself as an advocate for women entrepreneurs who is deeply committed to tackling Africa’s poverty issues and fostering healthier communities through the power of technology.

She is the founder of MyFoodAngels, a dynamic platform established in 2021 with the aim of seamlessly connecting food producers and consumers, eliminating post-harvest loss, and enhancing food security. MyFoodAngels serves as a catalyst in moving food efficiently from production to consumption.

The company’s transformation journey began in September 2018 under the name “Mile12Market Woman.” At its core, this initiative aimed to bridge gaps in food logistics within their local community. Recognizing the challenges faced by both smallholder farmers and consumers in accessing fresh and quality produce, the team embarked on a mission to optimize the food supply chain and offer more convenience to consumers.

With growing insights and a commitment to innovation, MyFoodAngels rebranded and relaunched as “MyFoodAngels” in January 2021. This name change signified their aspiration to have a more global outlook while continuing to prioritize their mission of making lives better.

MyFoodAngels offers a diverse array of products, including farm produce, meat, seafood, dairy, and prepared meals. Their user-friendly platform provides on-demand and scheduled delivery services to ensure convenience for their customers. Notably, the company specializes in reducing post-harvest loss, offering personalized meal recommendations, and embracing eco-friendly practices in the food supply chain.

What sets MyFoodAngels apart from competitors is their relentless dedication to leveraging technology to provide high-quality farm-fresh foods in record time. The company uses the economics of scale to offer competitive pricing, maintains dedicated shoppers, employs cold storage for better preservation, and utilizes AI capabilities to assist customers in making the most of available food items.

The name “MyFoodAngels” carries a profound story of transformation and service. Initially coined as “Mile12MarketWoman” after trips to the Mile12 farmer’s market in Lagos, the name was an embodiment of the founder’s efforts to provide convenience and access to affordable food. As the business expanded, the name “MyFoodAngels” was born, reflecting the brand’s commitment to making lives better and acting as angels to their customers.

The journey of MyFoodAngels was not without its challenges. In the early days, Olapeju Umah handled almost every aspect of the business, from marketing and order aggregation to making deliveries. As the business grew, they hired staff to improve efficiency and fine-tuned their processes.

Since its inception, MyFoodAngels has evolved significantly. It has grown from serving a single neighbor to fulfilling over 10,000 orders. They now operate from a large warehouse, employ 15 permanent staff, and collaborate with several ad-hoc staff to provide a wide range of fresh food products and deliver them to customers’ doorsteps.

One remarkable success story involves a collaboration with Glovo, a food delivery service in Nigeria, where MyFoodAngels helped solve the challenge of sourcing the right fresh food items at the right price. Today, they consider their competitors as collaborators, embodying their vision of creating an Africa where everyone has easy and quick access to affordable fresh food.

MyFoodAngels has ambitious future plans, aiming for a global presence in over 50 countries and strategic alliances with industry leaders. They envision billions of dollars in annual revenue, 20 million app downloads, and a platform that empowers individuals to make sustainable and informed food choices. The name “MyFoodAngels” symbolizes their mission to “fly about” and make customers happy.

For potential customers interested in connecting with MyFoodAngels, the company can be reached through their website and various social media handles. Their message to customers is simple: “Eat healthy, live healthy.”

As Olapeju Umah, the founder of MyFoodAngels, continues to drive her mission, her business stands as a beacon of hope and innovation in the food industry, striving to bring about positive change in the lives of many.

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