Obaseki Takes a Swipe at Deputy, Dismisses ‘Emilokan’ Slogan’s Electoral Appeal

In an intriguing turn of events, Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo state directed pointed remarks at his embattled deputy, Philip Shaibu, suggesting that the electoral impact of the ‘Emilokan’ slogan would be minimal in the state. The Governor’s taunting remark emerged during a meeting with leaders from the Edo South Senatorial District, hosted at the Government House on Wednesday.

The subtle jab seemingly underlines the existing tensions within the political landscape of the state, as Governor Obaseki continues to navigate complex dynamics in his leadership. The ‘Emilokan’ slogan, which has gained prominence in local political circles, appears to be facing skepticism from the state’s highest executive, raising questions about its resonance with the broader electorate.

Obaseki said: “Edo people will not accept ‘Emilokan’ as a strategy in government as they are not known for that. For us, it is the people that will decide.

“What has happened in the last few months is strange, and even if you have ambition, this is not the time to express it. The timetable for the election is not out. You can’t be part of a government and also be the one to destabilise the same government.

“I thought we came together and will leave together and let the people say you have done a great job, and they will now make the decision themselves. They are the ones to say that come rain or sunshine, we must continue.

“You are telling the world one thing and yet doing another. You are loyal to your principal and yet you are in Court with your principal. Everybody has the right to be ambitious but do it the right way.”

Since July 28, 2023 when the Edo State deputy governor, approached a federal high court in Abuja with a suit to prevent the governor of the state, Mr Godwin Obaseki, from impeaching him, the political atmosphere in the heartbeat of the nation has been charged, reminiscence of electioneering campaigns between rival political parties.

Though the present scenario has nothing to do with election or even primary elections to select candidates of the various political affiliations, the intraparty wrangling brewing between the two top political office holders in Edo state appeared to have created division among loyalists of the two gladiators.

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