Osifo Challenges Oshiomhole’s Comments: ‘Reach Out for Facts

The President of the Trade Union Congress (TUC), Festus Osifo, stated, “Our senior comrade, Adams Oshiomhole, is giving an opinion based on the information he has. Today, he is a senator who is busy with national politics. I think he does not have sufficient information, maybe later we will give him as much information as possible, once he reaches out.”

Osifo made these comments in an interview on Channels Television on Wednesday, addressing Oshiomhole’s remarks on the ongoing strike called by organized labor. He emphasized that Oshiomhole, the senator representing Edo North, commented on the strike based on information passed from the presidential villa.

Referring to Oshiomhole’s previous statement that the ongoing strike is politically motivated, Osifo added, “Maybe the information he (Oshiomhole) got from the villa was that he (Ajaero) went there to play politics. But I will tell him clearly that was not the case.”

During the interview, Osifo highlighted that Oshiomhole, being involved in national politics, should have reached out to union leaders for accurate information. He stressed that the former Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) president should prioritize obtaining facts from labor leaders rather than relying solely on information from the presidential villa.

Recalling Oshiomhole’s advice for organized labor to prioritize workers’ rights over politics, Osifo responded, “He went to the villa to meet with them. That is the information that was given to him in the villa. Has he spoken to Joe Ajaero and senior labor leaders in the country to have their opinion?”

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