PDP Disagrees with Sule Lamido’s Critique on Rivers State Crisis Handling

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) took issue with Sule Lamido, a founding father of the party and former governor of Jigawa State, over his criticisms of the party leadership’s perceived failure in managing the political impasse in Rivers State. The National Working Committee (NWC) of the PDP addressed this matter after an emergency meeting on Wednesday, emphasizing that their interventions in the political developments in Rivers State are producing positive outcomes.

Lamido had strongly criticized the NWC, led by Amb Umar Iliya Damagum, accusing them of neglecting the crisis in Rivers State and allowing President Bola Tinubu to spearhead the reconciliation process. Lamido questioned the presence and effectiveness of the PDP’s National Working Committee, expressing concern over its apparent absence in the ongoing saga within the PDP family in Rivers State.

Responding to Lamido’s comments, the National Publicity Secretary of the PDP, Hon Debo Ologunagba, issued a statement expressing the NWC’s serious displeasure over the “incautious conduct, activities, and unguarded utterances” by certain leaders aiming to disparage critical organs of the party. Ologunagba specifically referenced Lamido’s “deleterious public statement” as an attempt to inject discord and tarnish the party’s image for personal gain.

The NWC noted that such individuals, including Lamido, have benefited significantly from the PDP but have a history of betraying the party during various elections and seizing any opportunity for their selfish interests. Ologunagba highlighted that challenges faced by the PDP, past and present, can be traced back to the actions and utterances of these individuals, which are inconsistent with the opportunities the party afforded them.

The PDP spokesman emphasized the expectation from leaders like Lamido to show appreciation and commitment to the party by engaging in constructive suggestions that align with the interests of the party and Nigerians concerning good governance. He pointed out that the NWC will not hesitate to take appropriate disciplinary or punitive action against individuals who violate the party’s constitution.

In conclusion, the NWC called on all PDP members to remain united, alert, and focused in resisting attempts by the APC and its agents to destabilize the party and impose a one-party system on the nation. The party stressed the significance of this unity, especially at a time when Nigerians look to the PDP for direction in sustaining democracy and preventing the nation from sliding into totalitarianism.

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