Reno Omokri Celebrates Peter Obi’s 62nd Birthday, Acknowledges His Contributions to Nigeria

Former presidential aide, Reno Omokri, took to Twitter to extend warm wishes to the flagbearer of the Labour Party (LP) in the 2023 election, Mr. Peter Obi, on his 62nd birthday.

In his heartfelt message, Omokri praised the former Governor of Anambra State for leaving an indelible mark during his time on Earth, with significant contributions that have positively impacted Nigeria.

Recognizing Peter Obi’s role in deepening the democratic space in the country, Omokri emphasized that he has brought hope to millions of Nigerians, particularly those who self-identify as “Obidients.”

Moreover, Omokri commended Peter Obi for adding value to the nation’s collective life, a testament to his patriotism and passion for Nigeria.

On this special occasion, Nigerians join Reno Omokri in celebrating Peter Obi’s 62nd birthday, acknowledging his lasting impact and contributions to the nation. The well-wishes and admiration expressed for Peter Obi reflect the recognition of his dedication and commitment to making a positive difference in Nigeria’s governance and democratic development. Happy birthday to Mr. Peter Obi!

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