Shehu Sani Criticizes Former President Buhari over Alleged Corruption in Central Bank

Reacting to revelations concerning financial transactions within the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) during recent years, Senator Shehu Sani directed pointed criticism towards former President Muhammadu Buhari regarding the scale of corruption alleged to have occurred within the CBN during his tenure.

Expressing his dismay, Sani highlighted the CBN as a particularly opaque and fraudulent governmental institution during the Buhari administration. He underscored that despite former President Buhari’s historical allegations of state looting by his predecessors, the reported fraud reportedly unfolded under Buhari’s leadership.

Shehu Sani, in a statement, declared:
Senator Shehu Sani @ShehuSani

“The CBN under Buhari is the most opaque and fraudulent institution of Government in the history of Nigeria, if what we read is the true situation of the Apex http://Bank.How did this happened under a man who has historically accused his predecessors of state heists.”

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