Speaker Urges Media to Correct Perception of Riches Among Parliamentarians

Abuja, Nigeria – The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon. Tajudeen Abbas, recently addressed parliamentary reporters on July 12th, stating that members of the National Assembly are not as wealthy as they are often portrayed to be, urging the media to rectify this impression.

In his plea, the speaker emphasized the pivotal role played by the parliament in the governance of Nigeria, referring to it as the unsung arm of the government. He acknowledged the media’s influence in shaping public perception and urged them to present an accurate representation of the financial circumstances of National Assembly members.

Abbas addressed the exaggerated claims that members receive weekly allowances of N30 million and earn more than their counterparts in the United States Congress. He asserted that these notions are far from reality and emphasized the responsibility of the media to help correct the misconceptions surrounding the financial status of Nigerian parliamentarians.

The speaker highlighted the partnership between the media and the government in working towards Nigeria’s progress, underscoring the need for accurate reporting to provide the public with an unbiased understanding of the National Assembly’s financial situation.

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