Fuel Scarcity Worsens in Northern Nigeria: Motorists Struggle with Soaring Prices and Operational Challenges

Fuel Scarcity Grips Northern Nigeria: Motorists Struggle as Prices Skyrocket

As fuel scarcity intensifies across Kaduna, Kano, and Katsina states, motorists are facing severe hardships due to the scarcity of petrol, which has led to exorbitant prices and operational challenges at filling stations.


  • Rising Prices: Correspondents from the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) report that major and independent marketers have mostly closed their stations. Those still open have increased petrol prices sharply, ranging from N800 to N1000 per liter.
  • Black Market Surge: Roadside fuel hawkers are capitalizing on the shortage, selling 4-liter gallons for between N5000 to N6000, exacerbating the situation for desperate consumers.
  • Public Outcry: Motorists, interviewed by NAN, expressed dismay over the dire situation, highlighting its negative impact on their daily activities. Civil servant Salisu Baso noted the doubled transport fares due to the scarcity.
  • Impact on Businesses: Mrs. Francisca Idika, a trader in Kaduna, lamented how the fuel scarcity and high prices have adversely affected business operations, forcing them to raise prices of goods to cope.

Regional Reports:

  • Kano and Katsina: Similar scenes of long queues, high prices, and operational challenges were reported, underscoring the widespread nature of the crisis.

Calls for Action:

  • Public Appeal: Concerned citizens like IT expert Alao Jaremi in Katsina are urging authorities to urgently intervene to alleviate the suffering caused by the scarcity.
  • Blame Game: While NNPC blames disruptions in ship-to-ship loading and adverse weather conditions affecting logistics, marketers counter that they are unable to access the NNPC portal to place orders, adding to the supply chain woes.

As the fuel scarcity persists, with blame shifting between NNPC and marketers, Nigerians in these northern states are enduring significant economic disruptions and hardships. Urgent government action is sought to stabilize the situation and ensure adequate fuel supply across the region.

This report underscores the urgency of addressing the fuel supply chain issues to mitigate the impact on socio-economic activities in the affected states.

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