Concerned Edo Progressives Back Barr Kasimu Otono for Edo 2024 Governorship

A group known as Concerned Edo Progressives has officially endorsed Barrister Kasimu Otono’s candidacy for the Edo 2024 governorship election, asserting the need for youth representation in governance. Otono, a member of the APC, emerges as the chosen candidate of the group for the upcoming election.

The group urges stakeholders in the state to move beyond the tradition of sacred unwritten rotation, which could overly commercialize the political landscape. Emphasizing the importance of competence and actual delivery of the people’s needs, Concerned Edo Progressives, in a statement signed by spokesperson Mr. Hassan Abiri, advocates for capable, young, and accomplished individuals with unquestionable character to assume the governorship seat.

Abiri emphasizes that the state has long awaited an effective and dynamic leader, and the time has come to prioritize qualities such as integrity, character, capacity, humility, and competence to steer Edo State towards progress.

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