Independent Journalist’s Report: Clarification on MITV’s Coverage of “Beauty For Ashes” Event and Seyi Oyedeji

Independent Journalist’s Report: Clarification on MITV’s Coverage of “Beauty For Ashes” Event and Seyi Oyedeji

By Naija Post’s Journalists

As an independent journalist, I would like to address the recent disclaimer issued by the Christian Widows and Widowers Empowered Initiatives Nigeria (CWWE) regarding the MITV Lagos report on the “Beauty For Ashes” event.

First and foremost, it is essential to clarify that the MITV report did not suggest that Seyi Oyedeji was the owner or founder of CWWE. The report accurately stated Seyi Oyedeji’s role as the convener of the event “Beauty For Ashes.” A convener is an individual responsible for organizing and hosting an event, and it does not imply ownership or leadership of an organization.

Prior to the event, a flyer was shared by Beatrice Omowumj Yesufu, the Founder of CWWE, on her personal Facebook page, promoting “Beauty For Ashes.” The flyer prominently featured Seyi Oyedeji as the “host” of the event, further supporting the accuracy of MITV’s reporting.

The MITV report aimed to highlight the efforts of various organizations, including CWWE, in addressing the challenges faced by widows and widowers in society. It covered the seminar “Beauty For Ashes,” where CWWE actively advocated for the rights and empowerment of widows.

The claims made in the CWWE’s disclaimer regarding Seyi Oyedeji’s statements in the interview are not supported by the MITV report. There is no evidence that Seyi Oyedeji misrepresented herself or made false claims during the interview. The report accurately reflected the statements made during the event and provided an impartial account of the seminar.

Furthermore, it has come to light that Seyi Oyedeji communicated with Beatrice Yesufu via a voice note, expressly stating that she had no intention of claiming to be the founder of CWWE. Instead, she clarified that she is the Founder of “Restored By Grace” and has no affiliation with CWWE in any leadership capacity.

The motive behind CWWE’s disclaimer remains uncertain, as the MITV report did not attribute any false designations to Seyi Oyedeji. As an independent journalist, I encourage all parties involved to engage in open and respectful communication to address any misunderstandings or discrepancies.

In the interest of fair reporting and accurate representation, I reiterate that the MITV report did not claim or imply that Seyi Oyedeji is the owner or founder of CWWE. It is crucial to approach such matters with factual evidence and responsible journalism, avoiding the spread of misinformation that can harm individuals or organizations involved.

As an independent journalist, my commitment is to uphold the principles of unbiased reporting and present a comprehensive understanding of events based on verifiable information.

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