Jonathan: Kenneth Kaunda Prophesied I Would Be Nigeria’s President

Former President Goodluck Jonathan has shared a remarkable revelation about the late Kenneth Kaunda, stating that the former Zambian president prophesied his ascension to the presidency of Nigeria in 2006.

Speaking at the second Kenneth Kaunda Memorial Public Lecture in Pretoria, South Africa, Jonathan recalled a moment when he bid farewell to Kaunda at the Port Harcourt airport. Kaunda turned to Jonathan and said, “Young man, you will be the president of this country one day.”

Jonathan admitted that he was surprised by Kaunda’s prediction, as he had not considered becoming the president at that time. However, within a decade, the prophecy became a reality.

“I can say that KK was the man who saw tomorrow as it related then to my political future and fortune, as I eventually became the president of my country,” Jonathan stated.

Kenneth Kaunda, widely known as KK, served as Zambia’s president from 1964 to 1991. He passed away on June 17, 2021.

Jonathan acknowledged that during his early political career, he did not attract much attention from spiritual leaders and seers. However, Kaunda’s accurate prophetic revelation about his political trajectory towards the presidency amazed him.

Drawing parallels between their experiences, Jonathan highlighted how both he and Kaunda peacefully handed over power to the opposition parties after losing elections. He commended Kaunda’s commitment to the people and emphasized the importance of life after holding office.

Describing Kaunda as a man of the people until the end of his life at the age of 97, Jonathan expressed his admiration and shared his commitment to promoting peace, good governance, and sustainable democracy in Africa.

The prophetic words of Kenneth Kaunda continue to resonate with Jonathan, serving as a testament to the unpredictable nature of political journeys and the potential for unexpected outcomes.

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