Josh2Funny Takes Center Stage at America’s Got Talent


Josh2funny had an amazing outing at the America’s Got Talent platform. That appearance takes his brand to another realm. Meanwhile, the truth you must know is the Nigerian comic content creator didn’t go to AGT to be funny.

Josh 2 Funny understands his brand as well as his strength. If he doesn’t feature in AY Live or these standup gigs in Nigeria why do you think he will go attempt a stand-up stunt in the USA?

Josh is more of an entertainer. A comic content creator. His strength is not in stand-up performance. And even at that, only a few Nigerian standup acts would actually be able to get that audience to laugh.

The strategy was for him to use the old trick that always works – slapstick. And that’s what his brand has been about.

Slapstick comedy is very effective because whereas cultural differences could deter his standup materials, deliberate clumsy actions and humorously embarrassing events cuts across cultures.

I am just happy to see a Nigerian get to that stage. I am happy with what that does to his brand. Content these days does so many functions for brands. For AGT this could just be a simple strategy to get sold to the Nigerian audience. That decision would be more influenced by how many numbers Josh 2 Funny can bring against his rib-cracking talent.

The video got 7.6m views in 17 hours. That’s the result they wanted. Seyi Law who is obviously funnier than Josh, in standup tasks, has 894k followers. While Josh has 2.7m Instagram followers.

So these are the decisions considered. The show like most reality shows is heavily scripted for growth and ratings. Basketmouth will not give the show the reality feel they wanted. So there was no need to call him for his 8.6m Instagram Numbers. We know Basket, on stage, is funnier than Josh.

Let’s celebrate a Nigerian. Chibuike Josh Alfred went there on that stage and stood in your ascent. His Nigerianness is raw. Not the one they see when they interview Davido. Certainly, not the one they hear when some Nigerian American actor try to act the role of a Nigerian in Hollywood.

He performed his script before that numbers. He stood his ground. And did not stutter or frightened by the audience. He delivered. We will always support a Nigerian flag bearer. Either on the football pitch wearing Green White Green jerseys. Or on the stage speaking Green White Green.

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PS: See his performance in the comments.

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