Kaduna Airport Resumes Domestic Flights Following a 5-Month Hiatus

Domestic flight operations at Kaduna International Airport have recommenced after more than five months of suspension due to security concerns and logistical issues. On Monday, at 5:10 pm, a commercial passenger plane from Lagos landed at the airport under heightened security, marking the official return of flight services along this route.

The Manager of Kaduna International Airport, Adamu Sheikh, reassured the public of the airport’s safety and security, emphasizing that it had never been entirely shut down due to bandit attacks.

In March 2022, bandits had targeted the airport’s vicinity, leading to the suspension of flight operations. Although Azman Air continued to operate along the Kaduna Airport route after the attack, it later halted flights to the airport approximately five months ago. This situation compelled passengers traveling between Lagos and Kaduna to either disembark in Kano or Abuja and complete their journey to Kaduna by road.

The successful landing of a commercial passenger plane from Lagos on Monday was met with relief from airport officials and passengers, who called upon the government to ensure the sustained safety and functionality of the airport.

According to the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN), more airlines are expected to resume operations at Kaduna Airport. The airport’s management also assured passengers and airline operators that robust security measures have been implemented to guarantee the safety of all stakeholders.

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