Mercy Aigbe Reveals the Reason Behind Her Conversion to Islam

In a candid revelation, Nollywood star Mercy Aigbe shares the heartfelt motivation behind her transition from Christianity to Islam.

The renowned actress made the significant decision to embrace Islam following her marriage to filmmaker Kazeem Adeoti in 2022, marking a new chapter in her spiritual journey.

In an exclusive interview with TVC, now known as Hajiah Amminah, Aigbe explains that her decision to convert was rooted in her deep love and admiration for her husband.

Expressing her affection, she states, “I love my husband immensely. The challenges I faced were worth it because of love. I had a comfortable life; I have children. So, it was purely out of love that I decided to remarry.”

A self-professed lover with a strong emotional connection, Aigbe elaborates on her openness to diverse beliefs, saying, “I am a very liberal person when it comes to religion. I adore my husband, and he is a devoutly religious person. After struggling with attending church post-COVID-19, I chose to align with my husband’s faith.”

Detailing the impact of her conversion on their relationship, she adds, “Converting to Islam strengthened and sweetened our bond. I find excitement in learning about the Islamic faith, and ultimately, we worship the same God.”

Mercy Aigbe’s journey showcases the power of love and unity transcending religious boundaries in the pursuit of a shared spiritual connection.

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