Nigerian Lawmaker Urges Urgent Focus on Combating Hunger to Avert Catastrophe

Hon. Uche Okonkwo Emphasizes the Need for Swift Action as Hunger Grips the Nation

Hon. Uche Okonkwo, the representative for Idemili North and South Federal Constituency in Anambra State, has called on the Nigerian government to prioritize addressing the escalating crisis of hunger, warning that the country is at risk of an “unimaginable disaster.”

The lawmaker’s plea comes in the midst of widespread protests organized by labor unions and civil society groups across Nigeria, highlighting the prevalent issues of hunger, starvation, and hardship faced by citizens.

Expressing deep concern, Okonkwo stressed that hunger has taken a prominent position on the national agenda, becoming a critical issue that demands urgent attention. He voiced fears that prolonged hunger could lead to increased anger and violence if not promptly addressed.

Okonkwo urged both federal and state governments to engage with citizens transparently and acknowledge the recurring problem of “leadership failures.” He emphasized the importance of addressing these failures promptly to prevent the normalization of anarchy.

Acknowledging the resilience of Nigerian youth amid challenges, Okonkwo encouraged them to continue advocating for good governance and accountability. He specifically called on the youth to contribute to increasing agricultural productivity as a means to enhance food security.

Optimistic about Nigeria’s potential for greatness, Okonkwo highlighted the positive impact of tech education among the youth, fostering creativity and serving as a catalyst for progress. He recognized the tech revolution as a force for instant access and transparency, countering hidden agendas.

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