Nigerien Soldiers Oust President Bazoum in Coup despite ECOWAS Warning

Despite the warning issued by ECOWAS Chairman Bola Tinubu on Wednesday, Nigerien soldiers took control of power from President Mohamed Bazoum on Thursday morning. President Tinubu had mentioned that an ECOWAS mission was sent to Niger to mediate in response to the attempted coup.

President Bazoum had been under detention since the early hours of Wednesday when the soldiers made their first attempt to seize power. On Thursday, about 10 senior officers, led by Colonel Major Amadou Abdramane, announced the coup in a televised broadcast. They cited the deteriorating security situation and alleged mismanagement of social and economic affairs by the government as the reasons behind their actions.

“We reaffirm our support to all commitment undertaken by Niger,” the soldiers said.

ECOWAS, had through a statement by its Chairman, Tinubu condemned the earlier attempt, warning that the regional body, as well as the global community, would not condone disruption of constitutional order within the sub-region.

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