Peter Obi Condemns Widening Income Gap with 114% Salary Increment

In a fiery statement delivered via his official Twitter page, Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s presidential candidate, expressed his strong disapproval of the recent salary increment granted to Bola Tinubu, as well as other public office holders. The increment, amounting to a staggering 114%, has raised concerns about economic inequality and fairness in the Nigerian political landscape.

The contentious issue has sparked a heated debate among political observers and citizens alike, with many questioning the timing and rationale behind such a substantial salary raise. Critics argue that while public officials receive significant pay hikes, the majority of Nigerians continue to grapple with poverty, unemployment, and inadequate access to basic services.

Mr Peter Obi said “This is not the appropriate time for such salary increment if it is at all necessary. “

“I learnt with great reservation, the approval of a 114% increase in the salaries of elected politicians, including the President, vice president, governors, lawmakers as well as judicial and public office holders by the Revenue Mobilisation, Allocation and Fiscal Commission (RMAFC).

“This is not the appropriate time for such a salary increment if it is at all necessary. We are living in a time when an average Nigerian is struggling with many harsh economic realities, and with over 130 million Nigerians now living in poverty.

“This is a moment when recent reform measures by the government have increased living costs astronomically. One would expect the leaders and public officeholders to focus on cutting the cost of governance, alleviating the sufferings of Nigerians.

“This moment calls for creative ways of pulling the majority out of poverty. In the immortal words of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, “What touches us ourself shall be last served.”

“The leaders, therefore, should prioritize what affects the masses and those on the lower strata of society over themselves. The sacrifice, at this time in our nation, should be borne by the leaders.

“The increment should be reversed immediately, and the savings should be devoted to fixing education, healthcare, and poverty alleviation especially in the remote rural areas.”

Peter Obi, a former governor of Anambra state, who is currently challenging the results of the presidential election, voiced his dissatisfaction with the decision to increase the salaries of high-ranking officials. Taking to social media, he condemned the move as an unjustifiable disparity in income distribution, especially considering the prevailing economic challenges faced by ordinary Nigerians.

The Labour Party’s presidential candidate has positioned himself as a champion of equitable wealth distribution and has vowed to address income inequality if elected into office. Obi’s vocal opposition to the salary increment demonstrates his commitment to fighting for the rights of the working class and promoting a fairer society.

As the presidential race continues, it remains to be seen how Obi’s stance on the salary issue will resonate with voters and shape public opinion. The outcome of the election challenge, coupled with the ongoing national discourse on income inequality, is poised to have a significant impact on Nigeria’s political landscape and the future direction of economic policies.

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