Tinubu Stresses Importance of Peace in Africa’s Economic Progress

Nairobi, Kenya – President Bola Tinubu emphasized the crucial role of peace and visionary leadership in achieving economic integration in Africa during his speech at the fifth mid-year coordination meeting (5thMYCM) of the African Union (AU). As the newly appointed chair of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), Tinubu highlighted the challenges faced by the continent due to ongoing violence and conflicts in several nations.

Addressing the audience in the capital city of Kenya on Sunday, Tinubu expressed his concern that Africa’s progress towards economic integration would remain incomplete until peace is established in conflict-ridden countries. He emphasized the need for visionary leadership, recognizing that historical factors and current global difficulties pose obstacles to the continent’s success.

Tinubu’s remarks underscored the importance of creating a conducive environment for economic growth and regional cooperation. He stressed that sustainable development and prosperity in Africa require collective efforts from all nations and strong leadership that can navigate challenges and foster peace.

The 5thMYCM meeting, organized by the African Union, brought together leaders and representatives from across the continent to discuss strategies for promoting economic integration, regional stability, and development. Tinubu’s speech resonated with participants, highlighting the urgent need for peaceful resolutions to conflicts and the significance of visionary leadership in shaping Africa’s future.

“The world we inhabit is often unkind and uncertain. Past history and current global difficulties argue against our future success,” the president said.

”Lessons of the past few years teach us that the world economy can be disrupted in ways that halt progress and invite downturn. Our nations can suddenly find themselves in dire situations if we choose to be passive observers of our fate.

“Such passivity does not commend itself to me. I will not listen to it. Neither should any African. The challenges we face mean that governance will be difficult.

“They also mean that visionary good governance is necessary. Some observers assert a new scramble for Africa is afoot and it is much like the old scramble that plundered our continent.

“But, here and now, let it be said to whomever the new scramblers might be that our continent may be old but our spirit is new. And it is strong. The bad that took place in the past must stay there. It shall never be repeated.”

Tinubu said Africa would have a vibrant economy if it is able to mitigate the numerous security challenges facing it.

“We sit here in a meaningful discussion of vital economic matters. Yet, it will be impossible to bring full meaning to what we attempt unless we give due consideration to the instability and conflict that now scar many of our nations,” he said.

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