Apapa, Labour Party Factional Chair, Hints at Meeting with Tinubu to Reconcile Differences

Lamidi Apapa, the factional national chairman of Labour Party’s (LP) has made his position known regarding future negotiations geared towards reconciliation with Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, the president-elect.

In an interview with Arise Television on Thursday, Apapa said that before making any choices regarding the invitation, he would speak with the party’s management.

Apapa said, “Before I honour him, I will consult the executive of the party, so if they ask me to go ahead, I will do. If the executive says go ahead, it becomes our position.”

He further emphasized that any decision to meet Tinubu would not be solely his position, but rather the collective decision of the party.

“All of us will collectively go and see him. That is if we have the mandate of the house that we are going to see him,” he added.

The Apapa group and Julius Abure, the party’s suspended national chairman, have been at odds about who should lead the party.

During the altercation between LP factions in court, Apapa was later brought into protective custody by security personnel at the Court of Appeal in Abuja.

He has been accused by many in the party of moves to sabotage the ongoing petition of the party’s presidential candidate, Peter Obi at the Election Petition Tribunal.

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