Gumi Urges Tinubu to Seek Expert Advice on Policy Implementation

Renowned Islamic cleric Ahmad Gumi has offered advice to President Bola Tinubu, emphasizing the importance of consulting experts and steering clear of sycophantic influences when shaping crucial policies. Gumi’s counsel comes with a stark warning that certain policies pursued by President Tinubu’s administration hold the potential to inflict severe harm on the nation if left unexamined.

A video clip lasting just 22 seconds was shared on Gumi’s official Facebook page, where he cautioned that unless these challenging policies are reevaluated, the adverse consequences could extend even to the stability of the government itself.

Gumi’s words carried weight as he addressed President Tinubu directly: “President Tinubu, you have to revise your policies; if not they are going to destroy the nation and they are also going to destroy your government. Your political and economic policies, you have to review them. You have to ask people who know better and don’t depend on these sycophants.”

Ahmad Abubakar Gumi boasts a multifaceted background, having served as an Islamic cleric, scholar, and previously held the military rank of captain in the Nigeria Defence Academy (NDA). Presently, he holds the distinguished positions of Mufti and mufassir at the Kaduna Central Mosque, Sultan Bello.

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