Hon. Philip Agbese Stands Firm Amidst Controversy Over Governor’s Portrait Removal

Abuja, Nigeria – Hon. Philip Agbese, the representative for Ado/Okpokwu/Ogbadibo Federal Constituency and deputy spokesman of the House of Representatives, remains resolute in the face of controversy surrounding the removal of Governor Hyacinth Alia’s portrait from his National Assembly office. In a statement released by his Legislative Aide on Constituency Media Affairs, Lawrence Oduh, Agbese asserted that he has no regrets about his actions.

Agbese, who laughed off threats of recall and an ultimatum to apologize to Governor Alia, clarified that his decision was driven by his commitment to justice, equity, and the rule of law. The federal lawmaker, acknowledging that he may have been misunderstood, emphasized the importance of government officials being held accountable for their actions, especially when they contravene the laws of the land.

Despite facing criticism from what he described as “political jobbers and hucksters,” Agbese asserted that he would not be swayed by senseless calls and would continue engaging with Governor Alia and other leaders to ensure the delivery of democracy’s dividends.

Agbese accused those issuing threats of neglecting the core issues raised by his actions, opting instead for baseless attacks. He highlighted the support he enjoys from his true constituents and supporters, expressing confidence that they stand firmly behind him.

“The Enone Servant,” as Agbese is referred to, brushed off the threats of recall, challenging those using ad hominem attacks to initiate the process and see who would be the first to face consequences between him and Governor Alia.

Lawrence Oduh, the Legislative Aide, stated, “Agbese enjoys the support of his constituents, and he is well on track to deliver the dividends of democracy. As a lawyer, social crusader, and human rights activist, he will be the first to drag them when they go off the rails.”

Despite the brewing controversy, Hon. Philip Agbese appears undeterred, confident in the righteousness of his cause and the backing of his constituents as he continues to champion justice and accountability.

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