Jagun Jagun: Setting New Epic Film Standards in Nollywood – 20 Unmissable Insights


Dear You.

Jagun Jagun is good for the eyes. Here are the 20 things I think you should know about this film.

  1. Movie “Jagun Jagun” sets new standards for Nigerian epic films. Yoruba from start to finish. Full language movie.
  2. Directed by Tope Adebayo and Adebayo Tijjani. And it shows that this is a product of 2 good heads. The directorial style is well-established.
  3. Boasts an exceptional cast including Adebayo Salami, Dele Odule, Yinka Quadri, and more. These actors gave their all to the Yoruba film industry in Nigeria. At some point, many of them felt crossing over to English Nollywood would be the best. Yes, Odunlade and Femi did crossover but they never left the Yoruba project. Glad to see many of such characters shine in this project. A win for consistency.
  4. Highlights the significance of storytelling in filmmaking. The story is flawless. Engaging and quite original. The plot depended on that winning strategy that starts with establishing a very powerful conflict or villain. This villain was indeed powerful. The character development of the protagonist was beautifully done.
  5. Exemplifies the evolution of Nigerian cinema. Some Gen Z believes this is history. But the fact is this is just an evolution. Thanks to Netflix.
  6. The trailer sparked excitement and national anticipation. And the fact that we can access this without leaving our houses helps sell a project like this. You dont need to spend on Transportation to the cinemas. Just switch on your phone and burn some data. Some manageable costs. Thanks to Netflix.
  7. Film’s ranking on Netflix attests to its captivating narrative. This one will stay on top for long.
  8. Rises above the norm for epic films in Nollywood. Fast-paced. Well filmed. Well written. Well planned. The production decisions were on point.
  9. Immerses viewers in a captivating world of action and adventure. It will break some records.
  10. Scripting is meticulous, void of irrelevant scenes. Again we are reminded to treat women well. Ogunjimi used his wife’s womb for powers but went behind to have a son. To void being a spoiler. Let’s just say the woman gave Ogunjimi a treatment.
  11. Unpredictable twists and turns enhance the storytelling experience. And we had it in dozens here. Who would have thought Agemo was Omoge (hey, still trying not to be a spoiler. I am doing my best).
  12. Cinematography effectively captures action scenes. We like the fights. We like the magic.
  13. Notable performances by the cast, including Lateef Adedimeji and Femi Adebayo. The protagonist and antagonist respectively.
  14. Calls for improved visual effects and editing in the Nigerian film industry. So many other filmmakers should see this and correct their errors.
  15. Plot centers on the conflict between warlord Ogunjimi and young warrior Gbotija. Most times when your enemies want to frustrate you. They end up setting you up for greater upliftment.
  16. Themes of power, betrayal, and honor enrich the narrative. At some point, the actors break the fourth wall to speak to us as a people. It was delicious.
  17. “Jagun Jagun” raises the bar for epic storytelling in Nigerian cinema. Okay so let the makers go to a bar near them and drink n my name. I will pay. Once you raise a bar. I celebrate with you in a bar. My style.
  18. Released on August 10, 2023. Again, thanks to Netflix. By now, we would be planning how to go to the cinemas. Today is day 2 after release. A good number of eyes have seen it.
  19. Gripping storytelling unfolds over 2 hours, 14 minutes. You won’t believe it’s that long.
  20. Showcases outstanding execution of stunts, production design, and acting. Again, for a film project to be termed great. All departments would need to be 100%. That’s what we have here.

Your Jagun Jagun spotter


PS: Even the title is very local. In Nigeria, we like to say a word twice. Like Moi Moi, Quick Quick…Jagun Jagun.

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