LP Candidate, Ogbemudia Bassey Osagie, Unveils Bold Plans to Tackle Insecurity and Unemployment in Edo State

In a resolute declaration today, Honourable Ogbemudia Osagie, the Labour Party’s gubernatorial hopeful for Edo State, vowed to confront head-on the various forms of insecurity plaguing the state. With an unwavering commitment to delivering tangible dividends of democracy, Osagie outlined key initiatives aimed at transforming the security landscape and creating job opportunities for the state’s unemployed youths.

As part of his comprehensive agenda, Osagie has pledged to engage in initiatives that will significantly reduce insecurity in Edo State. In a video shared by Labour Party Chieftain Morris Monye, Osagie was seen providing security tips to local security agents, demonstrating his hands-on approach to addressing the security challenges faced by the state.

Morris Monye highlighted Osagie’s dedication to the cause, stating, “Ogbemudia Bassey Osagie, who is also vying for the Governorship of Edo State, donated essential ‘equipment’ to local vigilantes in Edo to combat the scourge of insecurity in the state.”

This move is in line with Osagie’s commitment to delivering on his promises to fight the rising insecurity in Edo. Sources close to the campaign noted that the security equipment donation is a tangible demonstration of Osagie’s proactive approach to tackling the prevailing security issues facing the state.

Edo State, like many others in Nigeria, has grappled with challenges such as kidnapping and high unemployment rates. Osagie’s emphasis on both security and job creation reflects a comprehensive strategy to address the multifaceted issues affecting the people of Edo.

As the gubernatorial race gains momentum, Ogbemudia Bassey Osagie’s initiatives and proactive stance on critical issues position him as a candidate dedicated to bringing positive change to Edo State. The electorate eagerly anticipates further details on Osagie’s plans to secure the state and empower its citizens through job creation initiatives.

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