Niger Military Junta to Recall Ambassadors Amidst Tensions with ECOWAS and France

The military junta led by General Abdourahmane Tchiani in the Republic of Niger is set to recall the Nigerien Ambassador to Nigeria, along with Ambassadors to Togo, the United States, and France. The decision comes after the junta failed to reach an agreement with the delegation from the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) regarding the restoration of democracy in Niger.

Sources from the defense sector, who have knowledge of the ongoing meeting in the capital city of Niamey, confirmed the development on Friday morning. The junta is also planning to evict French and US troops from Niger and has declared an end to all Memorandum of Understanding between France and the Republic of Niger.

Tensions have risen between the military junta and ECOWAS, leading to diplomatic repercussions as the junta takes steps to recalibrate its international relations. The situation remains closely monitored by regional and international observers.

“The ongoing negotiation has failed. The junta has declared that it’ll recall Niger’s Ambassador to Nigeria, Togo, France, and the US,” an impeccable defense source said in a terse message sent to our correspondent Friday morning.

“The junta has just announced that it’ll evict French and US troops in Niger Republic, noting that all MoU agreements between France and Niger have ended,” another source privy to the development noted.

The military junta in Niger led by Tchiani, the former Head of Presidential Guard to the hoisted President, Mohamed Bazoum, detained Bazoum in a palace coup on July 26, 2023, while Tchiani later declared himself Head of State.

In an attempt to resolve the political crisis in the Niger Republic, the ECOWAS on Thursday dispatched two missions abroad, with the mandate to achieve a resolution to ending the crisis.

While the first delegation led by former Nigerian Head of State, General Abdulsalami Abubakar (retd.), led the engagement with the coupists and other parties in the Nigerien impasse in the country’s capital, Niamey; another delegation, led by Ambassador Babagana Kingibe led the engagement with the leaders of Libya and Algeria concerning the Niger crisis.

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