Osagie Ogbemudia Unveils Bold Vision for Edo State’s Future in Exclusive TV Interview

In a recent and eagerly awaited television interview conducted by journalists from TVC, Osagie Ogbemudia, a prominent member of the Labor Party, revealed an extensive and ambitious vision for the future of Edo State. The interview, marked by its in-depth questioning, highlighted Ogbemudia’s profound understanding of critical issues, leaving an enduring impact on the audience.

With an impressive 24-year career in public service, Ogbemudia’s responses conveyed authenticity, free from rehearsed political rhetoric. He confidently presented his life’s journey, including his tenure as a former police officer in Canada and his pivotal role in managing a security firm in Edo State that now employs over 300 local youths.

At the core of Ogbemudia’s sweeping vision lies an unwavering commitment to reforming Edo State’s governance system, heavily informed by his extensive public service experience. He stressed the utmost importance of comprehending a functional system before embarking on transformative changes, drawing parallels with the highly regarded Canadian model.

Recognizing the pressing challenges of poverty and the untapped potential of tourism in the state, Ogbemudia underscored the need to address security concerns as a top priority. He highlighted the existing insecurity that hinders nighttime activities for Edo residents and outlined a comprehensive security strategy to rectify this issue.

Ogbemudia’s visionary plans encompass the implementation of a state-of-the-art security solution designed to place Edo under thorough surveillance, ensuring the safety of its citizens and creating an environment conducive to tourism and economic growth. Additionally, he intends to revitalize the state’s agricultural sector, recognizing its pivotal role in the local economy.

Furthermore, Ogbemudia envisions the establishment of a Diaspora Desk aimed at facilitating collaboration between the government and Edo citizens residing abroad. This groundbreaking initiative seeks to attract investments, establish businesses, institutions, and significantly contribute to the state’s overall development.

Osagie Ogbemudia’s forward-looking perspective and pragmatic approach to addressing Edo State’s challenges have garnered the attention and admiration of many. As the upcoming elections draw nearer, all eyes are on whether his ideas will resonate with the people of Edo and whether his plans will lead to transformative changes for the state.

A Glimpse into Osagie Ogbemudia’s Remarkable Background:

Osagie Ogbemudia, a distinguished figure known for his exceptional contributions to international and community policing, boasts a notable career within the Toronto Police Service. Born in Uhi Town to Mr. Aikoriegie Osagie and Imasienaye Eriamiatoe-Osagie, both from Uhunmwode Local Government Council of Edo State, Ogbemudia has been an integral part of the Toronto Police Service since 1998.

Over the years, Ogbemudia has steadily ascended the ranks, achieving the prestigious position of Sergeant/Detective in 2011, making him the highest-ranking Nigerian-born police officer within the Toronto Police Service. His extensive career has seen him serve in various pivotal units, including the Primary Response Unit, Alternative Response Unit, Community Response Unit, and Divisional Warrant Officer.

His steadfast commitment to community policing has earned him numerous accolades, including over sixteen Unit Commander Awards, the St. John’s Ambulance Lifesaving Award, the Vigor Volunteer of the Year Award, the Canada @150 Citizen Award, and the Community Award of Excellence by the Baptist Methodist Church. In 2015, he received the Black History Month Community Award from then Ontario Premier, Dalton McGuinty.

Ogbemudia’s extensive experience and unwavering dedication to community engagement have solidified his influential role within the Toronto Police Service. Currently, he serves as the supervisory officer in charge of the Neighborhood Community Officers (NCO) Program at 32 Division, working closely with residents, community groups, and organizations to enhance community safety and build trust in law enforcement. His exemplary track record continues to establish him as a highly respected figure in the field of law enforcement.

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