Retired Supreme Court Justice Highlights Disparity in Salaries, Citing Chief Registrar’s Higher Earnings

Retired Supreme Court Justice Musa Dattijo Muhammad has raised concerns about the salary structure for justices in Nigeria. During a valedictory court session held in his honor in Abuja, he disclosed that the Chief Registrar of the Supreme Court earns significantly more than the Justices.

According to Justice Muhammad, the monthly salary of the Chief Registrar of the Supreme Court is N1.2 million, whereas Justices receive N751,000 per month, resulting in a 37.4% disparity. He also pointed out that the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Olukayode Ariwoola, receives a monthly salary of only N400,000, which is 66.7% less than the N1.2 million earned by the Supreme Court Registrar.

Justice Muhammad expressed his disappointment over the decrease in Justices’ salaries despite the added responsibilities they shoulder. He called attention to the unjust and embarrassing salary difference between the Justices and the Chief Registrar, emphasizing the need for addressing this issue.

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