Senator Shehu Sani Applauds Liberia’s Presidential Election as a Lesson in Civility

Senator Shehu Sani has lauded the success of Liberia’s presidential election, drawing parallels with the gracious concession of defeat by incumbent President George Weah. Sani emphasized that Weah’s acceptance of the election outcome aligns him with the league of former Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan, known for his adherence to democratic contest results.

Sani underscored the significance of the election that led to Weah’s defeat and Joseph Boakai’s victory, describing it as more than just a routine political event. He praised the election for its reported credibility, transparency, peaceful conduct, and prompt acceptance of results by Weah despite a narrow margin of victory.

In a statement, Sani expressed admiration for Liberia’s role in illuminating a region often marred by military coups, contentious elections, and persistent political hostilities. He hailed Liberia as the new moral compass of the subregion, emphasizing its transformation into a beacon of political tolerance and decency in West Africa.

Sani concluded by extending congratulations to Joseph Boakai for his victory and commending outgoing President George Weah for demonstrating statesmanship, sportsmanship, and patriotism. He suggested that Weah should be regarded in the same league as former Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan, expressing hope that history and posterity would be kind to him.

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