The Football Association Of Edo Board State Has Sacked Chairman!

THE Edo State Football Association Board has sacked its Chairman, Mr. Roland Abu.

The erstwhile Chairman got the boot after a vote of no-confidence was passed on him by his board members over his alleged inability to render financial reports amongst other issues.

In a letter addressed to the General Secretary of Nigeria Football Association (NFA) notifying it of Abu’s sack, the board also accused the latter of autocratic behavior and “running the Edo FA as if it’s a personal business”.

The board also alleged irregularities, poor handling and poor conduct of football matters as reason for his ouster.

The letter dated April 17, 2023 was signed by the board’s Vice Chairman, Dr. Aghedo Moses and six others and addressed to the General Secretary of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF).

The board advised Abu to “handover all Edo FA property belonging to his office and less indebtedness to the Vice- chairman, Dr. Aghedo Moses with immediate effect”.

The letter captioned ‘Vote of no confidence”read:

“We, Edo State Football Association Board respectfully write to refer and draw your attention to the above mentioned subject and to inform you of some burning issues in Edo State Football Association.

This relates to lack of no confidence on the current Edo F.A Chairman Roland Abu due to the following reasons;

*Taking autocratic decision without due process and running Edo F.A as if it’s his personal enterprise.

*Since his inception as the Chairman of Edo State Football Association three years ago, he has not been able to render financial reports to his Board members even when the Board insisted on having one.

*Irregularities, poor handling and poor conduct of football competitions.

*Series of uprising petitions, raised by clubs’, contestants, and stakeholders as a result of his poor performances, high handedness in handling football matters in the state.”

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