Bauchi State Governor Cautions Newly Appointed Commissioners Against Corruption and Selfish Ambitions

In an official ceremony held in Bauchi, Governor Bala Mohammed of Bauchi State issued a stern warning to the 24 newly sworn-in commissioners of the state. He conveyed that he would not hesitate to take disciplinary measures or remove them from their positions if they were found to be engaging in any inappropriate behavior.

During the inauguration of the state cabinet on Monday, Governor Mohammed stressed the importance of ethical conduct and urged the commissioners to avoid engaging in corrupt practices or misusing their authority. He encouraged them to exhibit unwavering loyalty to both the government and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). The governor further urged the commissioners to embrace values of accountability and transparency, which he highlighted as fundamental principles for their roles.

The governor had declared: “It should be made known to you that you have not been appointed to enrich yourselves or pursue selfish political ambitions. What is required of you is sacrifice and selfless service.

“No commissioner is better than the other, no commissioner is more senior than the other. In my government, there is no prime minister and all commissioners are equal. You should also know that you are stakeholders in the state and your local governments.

“This requires that you continuously collaborate with party leaders, local government chairmen, legislators at the national and state level, and traditional, religious leaders.”

The Commissioner for Finance and Economic Development, Yakubu Adamu, on behalf of the new Commissioners, expressed appreciation to the governor for the honour to serve the state.

He assured the governor that they would work and succeed together in making the state a better place for all.

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