CAGRAM Launches Grassroots Mobilization for Tinubu in Preparation for 2027 Elections

The Consolidated All Progressives Congress Grassroot Movement (CAGRAM) has officially kickstarted its grassroots mobilization campaign for President Bola Tinubu ahead of the 2027 general elections. The national chairman of CAGRAM, Engr. Salisu Magaji, made this announcement during the inauguration of its national, zonal, and state executive members in Abuja.

Magaji, while lauding Tinubu’s political achievements since assuming office, emphasized the significance of consolidating power to ensure a successful future for the All Progressives Congress (APC). The group, comprising loyalists and supporters of Tinubu, acknowledged his substantial contributions to the APC’s success over the years.

Highlighting Tinubu’s exemplary leadership skills, Magaji stated, “The expectation is very clear. We are mobilizers to the grassroots, and we have started mobilizing for the party (APC) against the 2027 election. We will not relent in our mandate to bring forth the first president that will emerge in this country.”

Magaji praised Tinubu’s accomplishments in the past six months, citing improved security, infrastructure development, and increased investor confidence. He commended Tinubu’s diplomatic efforts, noting, “Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is the first President that doesn’t have a boss, he doesn’t have a political mentor, and so we are copying his own style.”

Regarding the upcoming elections, Magaji asserted, “We decide who’s going to be the 2027 president. Whatever you do, we will wait for you at the bus stop. If you make us happy, we are going to campaign door to door, office to office to ensure that 2027 will be better than what we are having now.”

The national secretary of CAGRAM, Hon. Butches Emmanuel Nwosu, expressed gratitude and clarified that the movement transcends being a mere support group within the APC. Nwosu stressed the importance of understanding CAGRAM’s objectives and its role as the primary platform for grassroots mobilization within the party.

He emphasized the movement’s commitment to the upcoming local government, ward, and polling unit elections, urging members to comprehend the essence of CAGRAM’s establishment and its three cardinal objectives. Nwosu highlighted the value of genuine participation and self-driven responsibility, underscoring the movement’s determination to deliver tangible results, free from inflated numbers and external influence.

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