Interview with Maureen Ikeh, Organizer of YOUTHXCHANGE CONFERENCE in Lagos, Nigeria

In an exclusive interview, we sit down with Maureen Ikeh, the dynamic force behind the YOUTHXCHANGE CONFERENCE in Lagos, Nigeria. Ms. Ikeh shares her journey of organizing this transformative event, delving into the challenges, rewards, and the profound impact it has had on the lives of countless youths. As a trailblazer in the realm of youth empowerment, she reflects on the conference’s evolution, participant testimonials, and her ambitious plans for the future. Join us for a candid conversation with the woman driving change and illuminating paths for the next generation.

1. Organizing the YOUTHXCHANGE CONFERENCE: A Challenging yet Rewarding Journey

Maureen Ikeh, the visionary behind the YOUTHXCHANGE CONFERENCE in Lagos, Nigeria, shares her experience of orchestrating this groundbreaking event. As her first-ever physical conference, it stands out as the largest convergence of youths, creatives, entrepreneurs, high school students, undergraduates, fresh graduates, and business owners in one space.

2. Empowering Youths and Focusing on Purposeful Living

Ms. Ikeh expresses that her passion for empowering youths and encouraging purposeful living has been a lifelong dream. The desire to assemble young minds and equip them with the tools for success, coupled with a realization of the value of time in youth, has been the driving force behind her commitment to youth empowerment.

3. Navigating Challenges with Faith and Influence

Discussing the seamless management of the event, Ms. Ikeh attributes its success to her faith and the influence she has cultivated over the years. Despite initial uncertainties about the event’s reception, the massive turnout, even for a paid conference, has been a testament to the collective desire for life transformation and mindset shifts among the attendees.

4. Participant Testimonials Reflecting Success

Ms. Ikeh shares feedback from participants, highlighting the seamless execution of YOUTHXCHANGE CONFERENCE 3.0. Attendees praised the event for providing networking opportunities, meeting brilliant minds, and featuring excellent speakers and panelists. The PITCH-A-THON, awarding youth with 500k worth of business resources, was a standout feature.

5. Impact and Future Plans

The conference’s impact has been substantial, catalyzing personal development and strategic networking for intentional youths. Ms. Ikeh emphasizes the need for youth empowerment programs like YOUTHXCHANGE to drive positive change and development, expressing plans to expand the reach across all states in Nigeria and Africa, illuminating paths for the younger generation.

6. Overcoming Challenges and Staying Dogged

Ms. Ikeh acknowledges challenges in mobilizing her mastermind and volunteer teams. While some initially didn’t align with the vision, those genuinely invested in its success remained steadfast, contributing to the project’s triumphant completion.

7. Future Plans: Illuminating Paths and Minimizing Moral Decadence

Looking ahead, Ms. Ikeh envisions extending youth empowerment programs across all states in Nigeria and Africa. Her purpose is to illuminate the paths of youths, minimize moral decadence in society, and encourage more youths to take leadership roles for positive change.

8. Past Experiences and Virtual Success

Reflecting on past virtual experiences, Ms. Ikeh notes their mind-blowing impact, with attendees excelling in their respective fields by implementing the knowledge gained.

9. Evolution of YOUTHXCHANGE CONFERENCE: A Gratitude Journey

The conference has evolved significantly, with Ms. Ikeh acknowledging God as the originator of the vision and expressing gratitude to influential contributors, volunteers, speakers, and panelists who played vital roles in its success. She attributes the conference’s success to the collective efforts of these individuals, emphasizing the invaluable support received.

In conclusion, Ms. Ikeh expresses heartfelt gratitude, emphasizing the collaborative effort that made YOUTHXCHANGE CONFERENCE a resounding success.

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