In response to the recent wave of violence in Plateau State, the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Kayode Egbetokun, has directed the commencement of a Special Operation to address the escalating crisis. During his visit to Governor Caleb Mutfwang in Jos on Friday, the IGP outlined key measures to tackle the security challenges plaguing the state. To enhance the efficiency of the operation, Egbetokun revealed that AIG Zone 4, Haladu Musa, has been instructed to temporarily relocate his office to Plateau State. This strategic move aims to ensure a coordinated and effective response to the prevailing security concerns. The IGP expressed President Bola Tinubu’s commitment to apprehending the perpetrators of the recent attacks and ensuring they face the full force of the law. Urging unity among Plateau citizens, Egbetokun emphasized that the fight against criminal acts should not be framed as a battle against a particular tribe or religion. “The President has also directed the Police to work closely with the military to solve problems in the communities. I implore the people of Plateau to join in the fight against these criminal acts and not against a particular tribe or religion,” he stated. Governor Mutfwang commended the IGP and law enforcement for their efforts in tackling insecurity. However, he stressed the importance of enhanced intelligence sharing among security operatives. Mutfwang emphasized that intelligence collaboration could play a crucial role in both apprehending criminals and preventing unnecessary profiling of innocent individuals. The governor stated, “This is not about ethnic profiling; let’s demonstrate to Nigerians that this monster could be tamed. Don’t just go after the perpetrators; their sponsors too should be unmasked to bring the problems to a foreclosure.”

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