Senatorial Aspirant, Hon. Usman Ibrahim, Defects to APC Citing Lack of Direction in PDP

In a significant political move ahead of the 2023 general election, Hon. Usman Ibrahim, a senatorial contender, popularly known as Sardaunan Badarawa, has officially switched allegiance from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Kaduna State.

In a released statement, Ibrahim attributed his departure from the PDP to what he described as the party’s lack of direction and the notable departure of key, loyal, and committed members to other political entities, notably the APC. He singled out the remarkable achievements and dedication of Governor Uba Sani at the state level and commended the notable performance of Bola Tinubu at the federal level for providing relief to the populace after years of discontent.

Ibrahim, also buoyed by encouragement from political allies within the National Assembly and the federal cabinet, expressed his intent to bring his wealth of experience and grassroots mobilization skills to the APC.

Highlighting his decision as a move in the best interest of Kaduna State, Ibrahim emphasized the need to collaborate with Governor Uba Sani in continuing the positive initiatives aimed at bringing joy to the masses. He stated, “I have made wide and far-reaching consultations with important stakeholders and my supporters across the state and beyond before arriving at the decision to exit PDP for APC in our determination for the growth and development of my Constituency, Kaduna Central, and by extension, the entire state.”

Describing Governor Uba Sani’s governance as a marked departure from the norm, Ibrahim asserted, “The clamor for joining APC due to the exemplary leadership of Uba Sani is overwhelming all over the state as more and more grassroots politicians are in large numbers entering the ruling party.”

Elaborating on his political philosophy centered around service to the people and their welfare, Ibrahim criticized the PDP as being populated by self-centered individuals lacking an interest in the well-being of the masses. He concluded, “I can’t just stay back in a toxic place with no direction and clue on how to take the state forward, hence my decision to join the APC.”

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